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About Us

Welcome To Stand Up For Workers

Stand Up For Workers PAC was established by people who care about the basic rights of the American worker. We seek to protect the right to a fair and livable wage and benefits; to receive fair and humane treatment in the workplace, including work with dignity; and to have full access to justice, including the right to trial by jury.

Stand Up For Workers PAC will address these issues proactively by supporting candidates for public office who make workers’ rights a priority; who advocate for laws advancing the rights of workers; and who support the nomination of judges who respect those rights.

We support progressive lawmakers and their initiatives to advance and strengthen workers’ rights throughout the nation.

Workers’ rights will be on the ballot on Election Day in 2022. Workers continue to face unprecedented challenges as we begin the third year of the pandemic. For the next 10 months, The Stand Up for Workers PAC will do its part to support candidates who champion the rights of workers to be treated with dignity in the workplace, to be paid a fair wage, and to be treated equitably by qualified judges when those rights are violated. Please join us in this fight.


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At Stand Up for Workers, we are in search of a common goal, to make sure our legislators are doing the right thing for workers in this country. But to be honest, we do not have the resources when acting alone to have a voice in the current political climate. As a result, we see value in pooling our time, resources and effort, and in that way, we can have an impact.

In the recent mid-term elections in 2022, we focused our support on the United States Senate, with the goal of keeping the Senate blue. And it worked. But there is more work to do. The map for 2024 looks more challenging than ever. To have a chance to keep good judges being appointed, and good laws that recognize the reality of today’s workforce, we need to work together, and speak with a single, powerful voice.

We invite you to join us in this effort.

Jim Kaster
President, Stand Up for Workers

Our Vision

A Nation that protects the freedom to work and the dignity of workers, including the right to a living wage and fair benefits,

With access to justice and meaningful remedies, including a fair judiciary and the right to jury trials for those whose rights are violated.

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Our Board of Directors

Jim Kaster

Jim Kaster

President/Nichols Kaster

Minneapolis, MN

Barry Roseman

Barry Roseman

Treasurer/ Barry D. Roseman Attorney at Law

Denver, CO

Kathy Butler

Kathy Butler

Vice President/ Butler & Harris

Houston, TX

J. Arthur (Art) Smith, III

Art Smith

The Law Offices of J. Arthur Smith

Baton Rouge, LA

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Press Releases

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July 24 2020 | J. Arthur (Art) Smith, III

New PAC Established to Support Workers’ Rights

BATON ROUGE, La., Dec. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — A group of worker advocates from across the nat...

Tel: 225.383.7716 Email: [email protected]

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July 24 2020 | Stand Up For Workers PAC

Workers’ Rights PAC Donates to U.S. Senate Candidates

Stand Up for Workers (SU4W), a political action committee specifically dedicated to the needs and co...

Tel: 225.383.7716 Email: [email protected]

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July 24 2020 | Stand Up For Workers PAC

Workers’ Rights PAC Elects Seven to Board of Directors

Stand Up for Workers (SU4W), a political action committee specifically dedicated to the needs and co...

Tel: 225.383.7716 Email: [email protected]

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Stand Up For Workers Blog

08 May 2024

National Employment Lawyers Association Applauds The Equal Remedies Act Of 2024

As it appears on NELA’s website. The act would eliminate statutory damage caps and enhance protections for workers in discrimination cases For Immediate ReleaseContact: Andrea [email protected] Concord, Calif. – May 8, 2024 – Today, in a significant milestone for workers’ rights, Representatives Suzanne Bonamici (D-OR), Bobby Scott (D-VA), and Senator Edward Markey (D-MA) introduced the […]

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20 May 2022

Congress Set To Drop Retraining Program For Workers Harmed By Globalization

Despite the rise of conservative populism, Republicans aren’t interested in Trade Adjustment Assistance. As it appeared in HuffPost By Arthur Delaney WASHINGTON ― A long-standing benefit for workers laid off due to foreign trade will expire this year unless Congress acts — and it looks like Congress is not going to act. The Trade Adjustment […]

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