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06 Aug 2021

Older Workers Continue To Be Protected In Time Of COVID

by Kathy Harrington-Sullivan For months, legal experts have been predicting a rash of age discrimination lawsuits stemming from layoffs or firings of older workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. While protected by law against age discrimination, older workers do often face issues in the workplace. Not surprisingly, the pandemic has proved to be a challenging time. Ageism […]

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02 Aug 2021

Can You Be Fired For Your Age?

by Kathy Harrington-Sullivan There’s an adage that individuals get wiser as they get older, but that saying doesn’t help when it comes to older individuals keeping their jobs in downtimes. While federal law prohibits age discrimination in employee terminations, age-related firings increase by 3.4% for each percentage point increase in a state’s unemployment rate, according to […]

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16 Jul 2021

Congress Should Prioritize Paid Family Leave

The United States is the only western nation that does not ensure that workers receive paid family leave to deal with a family illness, a newborn child, or other family health matters. The Family and Medical Leave Act has given workers a modicum of protection from losing their job if they need to take such leave.

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