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22 Apr 2022

Don’t Discount Administrative Law: Chevron May Save Your Life

By Paul H. Merry The surest way to win rolling eyes and deep groans from law students, and from many practicing lawyers, too, is to mention administrative law. The name alone evokes images of excruciatingly tedious and interminable forms, row on row of the Code of Federal Regulations stretching out as far as the eye […]

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15 Sep 2021

“The Filibuster: An Obstacle to Progress”

I. Introduction  The filibuster has been described as an obstructionary tactic used to defeat bills and motions, traditionally employed by speaking indefinitely to delay voting on an issue. The term itself comes from Dutch, Spanish, and French words used to describe pirates, plunderers, and more literally, “freebooters.” Once characterized by marathon speeches, reading recipes aloud, […]

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03 Sep 2021

What To Know About Hostile Work Environments

As more employees return to in-person work and hiring ramps up, it’s important for workers to know their rights as well as what constitutes a hostile or intimidating work setting. After months of isolated remote work or staggered schedules where communication was often virtual and employees were separated, returning to workplace decorum may be challenging […]

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30 Aug 2021

How To Fight Back Against National Origin Discrimination

Any kind of discrimination based on national origin is against the law, whether it is being carried out by a US company against someone of non-American descent or involves a foreign company’s US operations preferring someone from its own country over an American citizen. Employment and hiring practices that favor employees or applicants of a […]

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23 Aug 2021

Sexual Harassment And The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic may have changed the way we work, but it didn’t keep sexual harassment at bay. Even with fewer people in offices, a dispersed workforce, and many interactions virtual for the past year, the problem has persisted and, in some cases, worsened. As women moved home to work, the harassment moved online to […]

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20 Aug 2021

Women’s Rights And The Laws That Protect Them At Work

by B&F Contributor We’ve come a long way, baby, from first starting to work outside the home in the 19th century to present-day, when women are running boardrooms and holding some of the highest offices in our country. Along with this progression have come laws to support female advancement in the workforce and provide women with […]

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16 Aug 2021

The New FFRCA And What It Means For You

by B&F Contributor The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) received a lot of attention for its third round of stimulus checks. As time has passed, however, it appears the continuation and expansion of emergency paid sick leave (EPSL) and expanded Family and Medical Leave (EFML) might have an even greater impact on some employees’ finances. […]

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